Our new puppy

I am pleased to introduce you to our new Weimaraner puppy, Sunny. We got him two days before Christmas and he has been so much fun to raise so far. Unfortunately, we had the sudden loss of our beloved 8.75 year old Great Dane, Jolly, in early December. This left an opening for a new dog to join our family and he has helped us heal, somewhat. Sunny has just graduated puppy kindergarten on Feb 20, and will be 4 months old this Friday. He is growing like a weed now, as you can see by the second photo! Hope you enjoyed meeting the little guy – he is a snuggle bunny 🙂

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    Super cute! My daughter has a new puppy too. He is turning 7 months old March 1st. He is a Jack Russel and Dachshund mix that she adopted from a rescue. He has brought her so much love and joy. I am sorry for your loss and I hope you enjoy many many happy years with this new family member.

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    Hi, Amy. We don’t have a dog due to our sensor-based in-home alarm system…the only way to prevent a pet from triggering it would be to cage it, and I can’t stand that thought. But, if we did, I would choose a Weimaraner. I think they have the most beautiful coats, and those blue eyes… I recently began painting a couple of bedrooms, and I wanted a light brown for one of them. Settling on one color over another was extremely difficult, put after narrowing options down, I chose one mostly because of its name–Benjamin Moore Weimaraner! I noticed that the sample on the wall changed tones depending on the way the light shone on it throughout the day, just like a Weimaraner’s coat shines from brown to gray. I love it!

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      I love that there is a paint named after the breed! I hope you still like the color now that you have committed to the paint job. He really is a great dog so far. His sire was very relaxed when we met him so I am hoping he takes after his dad, since Weims are famous for being on the crazy/energetic side. Luckily, one of our older dogs (Macky, 7 yr old English Lab) has taken up being his mentor and is showing him how to behave properly and if he turns out to be half as good as Macky, then we are in great shape!

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