My Small Space

I’ve been a renter for the past 5 years or so. Right now I rent a room in my sister and brother-in-law’s house in Seattle and it is TINY (like…8×8 tiny, seriously), but it’s my first room all to myself since living on my own. I’ve had so much fun collecting things little by little to make this little room my home! I’ll try to do a full room tour soon, but first I wanted to share a little sneak peek of few of my favorite things in this space.

1) My guitar

I got this guitar for my birthday last summer and couldn’t love it more if I tried! I keep it in my room in its case to protect it, but if I had the wall space I would totally hang it on the wall. It’s a mini, perfect for a small space (and a small person like myself)!

2) This table

I have one tiny wall space in my room that desperately needed a console table, but the wall was the most awkward size and I had an impossible time finding something that could fit! Finally a few weeks ago I found the perfect console table at Ikea. Now that it’s all set up (after many grueling hours trying to put it together…the downside of Ikea), I never knew how thankful I would be to have a SURFACE to set things on. It sounds like such a simple thing, but seriously, having a place to set things is something to be thankful for because I genuinely didn’t have a place like that before this table arrived. Ha!

3) My collection of blue and white

I’ve been gathering blue and white pieces for the past couple of years. I love love love them. My collection is small but growing, but at some point I’ll have to stop myself because a tiny room can only take so many things before it gets ridiculous :)


First of all, I just like that I can call this a wardrobe. Hahah…I really could probably call it a closet. But it’s not a closet, it’s a wardrobe and WARDROBE just sounds fancy so I’m sticking with it. Space is at a premium in here, so this *wardrobe* is so ideal for effectively using vertical storage space. There’s a pretty white door on it with a brass handle that I added (I’ll share that in my room tour soon), but true confession, sometimes I just leave the door open because seeing stacks of sweaters makes me happy. Maybe happier than it should.

5) My Bed

I have a daybed. If I had anything other than that, my room would literally just be a bed with no place to walk. This bed is the coziest, full of fluffy pillows in different textures. Bella (with her shaved leg from the doctor) likes it too..

I love how small this room is because I can focus on making everything in it super functional and beautiful to me. It’s still in process, but I love my tiny little home!

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    Your room is so cosy and welcoming! The way you have it set up is a perfect spot for you to feel independent in your first home. I can see many hours being spent in there without ever feeling as if it’s a small room… think of it like a cool Seattle studio! Fantastic! X

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