My kitchen cabinet ’’makeover’’

 Recently I gave one of my kitchen cabinets a little makeover. I was able to get it done while my baby slept! I started by removing the cabinet doors.

Then I lined the back of the cabinet with some wallpaper that I had picked up at a consignment shop. Then came the fun part of styling the shelves. This is what it looks like now, but like the rest of my house, things are constantly moving from one place to the next! :)

My kitchen may be small, but it really is the heart of my home! The same day, the ceiling fan got replaced by a light that I revived by rewiring and spray painting it. I love my #kitchen!

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    I love what you did, it looks super sharp! Your kitchen has a lot of character. I live in a 1950’s ranch and my kitchen cabinets have a similar feel. We are working on a mini remodel in there now. Well done!

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    Looks awesome! The kitchen is the heart of my home too, and this pretty shelf looks current and would make me very happy every day. Good for you, great project!

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    So pretty and clever of you! Isn’t it so amazing how some imagination and creativity can bring about changes that satisfy the soul? Sometimes, I am convinced that those who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a remodel lose out on that deep sense of accomplishment and pride that we penny-pinchers experience with projects like yours.

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