Bathroom Update

Okay, the sliding door is in and I love it. I also had a small walk-in closet made when the bathroom was done. I decided to set the door up so it could cover the closet, probably most of the time, and then be the bathroom door when we need some privacy. I can also leave the door in the middle when I want as much light as possible in my bedroom. I just need to find a really thin piece of art to put behind the door that shows when the door is moved to one side or the other. Something metal would be perfect!

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    Thanks, not sure about the handle yet. Always mindful of my grandsons hitting their heads on something. There is a metal “grip” on the other side to get out of the bathroom.

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    I think it’s super clever how the door can be used with the closet, the bathroom, or in a neutral position. I’ve seen quite a few barn doors in the past year or so, but never one with such an interesting design feature. Love it!

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      Thank you Lauren, I’ve wanted to use one for a while and as it turned out, it was the best choice for the space. My builder made it for me from a pic that I had seen and it came out perfectly. Your encouragement confirmed my decision 🙂 I hope you get to enjoy one soon.

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    Thanks Monica, I’m loving it. It’s functional and I love the look. I just need to find something really flat to put behind it for when we slide it over. Right now it’s a very blank wall.

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    I love the door! I was just telling my oldest daughter about that style of door. I will have to show her yours. She is expecting a baby this year. We have two other grandchildren, Sophia and Aidan. We have had such good times together!

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    Thank you That type of door can be used in so many ways. There are so many different types too. Congrats on the new grandbaby, aren’t they just the most delicious and amazing thing to happen to you? My three year old grandson just left after a sleepover last night and I’m exhausted!!!

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