My Happy Place

Here’s my little happy place.  One of my first pit stops in the morning. Nothing fancy about it… it just makes me happy to have a little space to fill up my cup and get a little chuckle from my board o’coffee quotes.  “Cause as a mom to a very active and adorable baby boy, I drink coffee like a Gilmore girl these days. Where’s your happy place?

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    I love reading your board, too. I really want to make myself a coffee station, too. Very nice decor to me. You know in life there are things and spaces that just need to be simple and functional, therefore beautiful. No need to be so fancy.

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    Thanks for the chuckle Dawn! What a great coffee station! It made me happy just seeing it. 🙂
    My happy place is by the ocean. I love to sit and watch the waves roll in. It restores me. So when life seems overwhelming, I take a drive to the beach.
    If the weather is an impediment, snuggling with my grandchildren never fails to lift me up! 🙂

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    Another Gilmore girl lover! You’ll need a bigger pot if Lorelei and Rory come visit! I am so impressed that you wrote all that on your chalkboard and made it look so lovely! I have a 5 year old and a two year old home all day with me, so sometimes my happy place is in bed snuggling under the covers with them and sometimes it is in the shower, ALONE, away from them. 🙂

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    What a pretty space, I understand why it’s your happy place! I love your chalkboard and am so impressed with your lettering on it. Such a nice coffee station!

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