Happy(er) Kitchen

When my husband first took me to look at this house, I thought this was one of the darkest kitchens I had ever been in, despite the large pass through cut in the wall. However, it was more than twice the size of my previous kitchen, and I had always wanted an island to sit at with barstools. (Always something to be grateful for!) Structurally, we didnโ€™t change much, just closed in the pass through window, and opened up the doorway that lead to the dining room. Then we painted the cabinets, put in laminate flooring, and added some more light fixtures. 

So much brighter right?! My husband peeled off the laminate of the countertops and mixed concrete dyed black to spread over it, then we sealed it. It wonโ€™t be as durable as replacing the countertops, but it was only a $50 change, and we could handle that! 

The appliances were my surprise gift from my husband for believing in his vision for the house, and being patient with the work. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Heโ€™s the best and I love the double oven! 

We basically sat at the barstools for 5 months while our living room was under construction, but thankfully we prioritized the kitchen being finished before we had to move in.

Even though I still feel like it is lacking in the layers of charm category, I feel so blessed to be able to cook for my family in a brighter, happier kitchen! 

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    Wow, it turned in such better light. I just love kitchen reno. My husband is nothing like your husband in the handy-man department. You are blessed with yours! Congrats on your vision because it turned out just beautiful. Once you live in your house for a while, the homely charm will come in.

  2. 2

    Crystal, this was a major undertaking! I like the solution you used to allow light in.
    And those appliances! To die for! Have fun making this home reflect your personalities!

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  4. 4

    What a pretty kitchen! It is so much brighter now and all of the changes you and your husband made have really transformed the space. I don’t think it’s lacking in charm, it’s very inviting. I’m sure you enjoy it every day!

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  6. 6

    I think it’s beautiful. I love all the white but then I love your daring use of black and green. That’s a layer of charming decorating in my book!

  7. 7

    Hi Crystal! I think your kitchen is turning out beautifully in all aspects! The new floor looks great and covering the opening turned out for the best! It gives you more wall space to add pictures or shelving or anything you like. Very charming already!

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