First Impressions

My entry is on a level all of it’s own. Once you walk in, you can either go upstairs to the dining room/kitchen/living room and 1/2 bath, or go downstairs to the master bedroom, guestroom, and full-sized bathroom. I love this little black entry table that I found at Marshall’s. I’m not crazy about how the top is decorated at the moment, but I love my green wooden basket filled with seashells that I’ve collected over the years.                           #firstimpressions

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    Hi Bren, this is such a warm, cozy entryway. Love that you have “Home Sweet Home” on the chalkboard….it makes me feel like you really love your home. The black and white rug is such a pretty accent too, and the collection of shells must bring back memories of fun times. You mentioned not loving how the top of your table is decorated. The height of the candle is nice so maybe you could place a vase or jar with flowering branches (maybe from your yard) there…just a thought.

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      Anne C. , thank you for the kind words. Yes, I do love my home. I really like your idea suggesting the vase w/flowering branches. I’m going to try that, thanks!

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    Thanks, Nancy! I guess it’s hard to see in these pictures that the walls are yellow, but all of the woodwork is white. I like that color combination with black accents.

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    Split level entries are tricky but you have done a great job of making this space feel like its own little room. Your details come together to feel calming and serene, the overall effect is very welcoming. High fives to you.

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    I love this entryway. It’s warm and cozy and has things that are meaningful to you — like that basket of seashells, which is perfect in that spot. I also really love your chalkboard and the way that it is framed. Very very pretty.

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