Changing My First Impression

I wanted to add a story for the block party #firstimpressions but I am not a photographer and so I’ve spent time trying to get it right. Thanks to a suggestion from neighbour, Tonya, I am resizing some of my shots to see how it works. As I was snapping pictures, I remembered advice from designers who say you should take pictures of your rooms to see where you need improvements. So I reviewed my first picture and sure enough, I could see some new possibilities. So I ran around my place seeking some accessories to give more colour  and height. Just a couple of subtle changes but I liked the effect. Now I need to go buy some items to leave there permanently! 🙂 I added a basket with pillows and a small ceramic apple for colour. The dark basket gives some more grounding to the vignette. Although I probably will choose different items, I am happy to have a new mission! Can’t’t wait to start the hunt! Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

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    Looks really good Nancy! The stripe in the painting, apple and pillow colors tie it all together. I like the way the lamp balances the placement of the painting. I know what you mean about pictures helping you “see” your own space and it’s details. I do that too.!

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    Hi Nancy! I Love the style of your desk. It is contemporary with a rustic feel. I agree with Amy, about the good balance of the way you hung the picture and placement of your lamp. I really like the picture you chose for this space. It is very unique! The pillows in the basket add color and warmth to your space. It really turned out well!

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    It looks really great, Nancy! You did a great job of pulling that pop of color through the whole vignette. I totally agree with you on the pictures showing every flaw! Sometimes I take a picture and sit down to view it, only to find there is a cord hanging down or Lady left one of her toys on the floor just under the edge of the sofa, etc., etc. Lol!

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    Nancy, is that your foyer space? it already looks good to me, but if you can afford new decor, go for it/them. Speaking of which I better go post some pics of my foyer. I have a whole foyer room between the front door and the french door, and this french door leads you inside the house. Nice table you have and love the picture of the old typewriter.

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    Nancy, nicely done! I really like your table, especially the metal legs. I’ve been looking for a sofa table with exactly that style of legs to place in my living room. Too bad shipping from Nova Scotia to Belgium would be outrageous!

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    I think you are off to a great start, and most importantly, I see that this space is evolving according to you own taste and style. Trust yourself!

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      Thanks ladies! I have to admit that I didn’t get any notification that anyone had commented so I was feeling a bit bewildered…I really appreciate the opinions. My desk/console table was purchased from Bouclair which is a Canadian company with very great price points! That table I have recently learned is a modern farmhouse design with weathered wood look updated by the chrome legs! Who knew! 🙂 I recently saw a cover for HGTV magazine with a table that had a patterned ottoman and a large basket that had been spray painted in an ombre design under it. I still haven’t purchased the items I need but I feel more confident now that I have read your posts. Hugs!

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