Want to go to Mc L-E-N-D-O-N’s?

Over the last 3 years you can imagine how many times we have gone to McLendons hardware for our remodel needs. Josie always tagged along. (Because Airedales would eat dry wall if given the chance!) Now you can’t even say the word “”McLendons” without her going bonkers. Here she is pictured above with her favorite employees at the Store’s inspiration house.

For the last couple of years Josie has won first place in their annual pet contest! Last year I made her a bow in the store’s colours & she pranced around showing off her crown before receiving her prize

She is quite crazy about these little toys. She goes to the pet isle & tries to choose one whenever she is allowed. She grooms and cares for them. I think she was telling us she needs a baby friend.

Here she is making a doggie DIY sweet potato chew rope. lol

Paying for her goods.

She really is quite at home in the inspiration house. Don’t you think? :) Here she is below quite proud and showing the McLendon’s Santa that she was able to adopt a real little fur baby of her own; Meet little orphaned Annie, adopted 6months of age

So Josie handed over her prize money in exhange for her puppy. Below you can see the glass storm door and lantern from Josie. :)

and they lived happily ever after

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    Oh My Gosh…I can’t even!!!! Thank you for the smiles today. I simply love them!!!! I bet life with those two is happiness every single day. How can you not fall in love with their little faces?! It’s amazing how they know certain words. We have words we spell and I’m waiting for one of them to learn what I’m spelling! Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Thanks for sharing…the last picture of them sleeping, I think that’s my favorite!

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    2 cute! We can’t take dogs into the stores with us around here, except for the pet stores. 🙁 Our dogs love going to the pet store and picking out their own toys too. I’m so glad Josie got a new friend, they are so cute together!

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    Thank you all for your comments. It really made me smile knowing others thing my fur kids are cute. 😀 I think they’re pretty special.
    Once we get done with the potty training (Annie) I will be very happy with the both of them. Right now Annie has it backwards… she potties then runs to go ring the bells to be let out… Ahhhhh
    Wish us luck with this situation!

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