My Bunny Inspiration

When I am able to finish my work for the day from my home office, and I have some time before cooking dinner, I escape to my favorite local stores for budget decorating inspirations! I don’t usually decorate for Easter being that my kids are now young adults. BUT I came across this mossy green bunny at TJ Max! I picked it up and kept looking at it, thinking what can I do with this?? After a couple of days of thinking & searching for other decorating accents to go with this big GREEN bunny, I finally found some great accents at “The Home Goods Store”(Basket, carrots & glittery pink Easter eggs). And this is what I came up with! What do you think?

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      Thank you Kimm! I had just moved into the neighborhood today! I have spent some time this past week looking at everyones posts. I’m hoping to find time tomorrow to comment on other posts that have inspired me.

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    Holiday decorations are such a fun way to branch out and add some new colors or textures to a familiar space. I love the way your bunny and his display spunk up your room while still staying very much in keeping with your style. Love him.

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    I too love to scour the shops for fun decor items. This guy adds personality as well as texture. I also am drawn to the plant with the eggs. I like the feathery texture and shape. I look forward to following your posts!

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      Thank you Jess! Last Spring I decided to add some teal colors to lighten up the room. The floral lumbar pillow cover is mainly for spring. I like to change the pillow cover for each season. Just for a little change.

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      Thank you Debra! Last Spring, I felt I was in a slump with my brown love seat and chair. I wanted to change the look and it all started with that floral spring lumbar pillow! That was my Inspiration to add that color lamp and curtains (But you can’t see the curtains from this pic.)I have many pictures I want to take and share with my neighbors. Hopefully, I can find some time soon. 🙂

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