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I love making designing about anything. My Great Grandfather a scrappy depression era fixer-upper, my Grandfather a master carpenter, my Mom a make do with what you have person, and my wonderful Grandmother told me I could do anything, so I had the best teachers in the World! I‘m a retired mechanical design engineer. I have been sewing, crafting, and building things most of my life. In my younger years I knocked out walls and such, now I am a little slower! I love bright colors and eclectic design, recycle and redo. We live in a 2700sf ranch style rather boring house in Washington state, second owner, built in 1977 buy the sweetest 83 year old lady who lunches with me! I am slowly redoing after both boys got on there own. I will dig up more pictures of my great works, both successful and those darn failures

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    I come from a long line of make-it-work relatives too, and I think we are both lucky to be descended from such inventive and positive-minded people. Can’t wait to see more of your house!

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      Thanks, it was a wonderful way to learn bunches of things. Glad to post more as soon as I remember how to retrieve some of them! Also this is an ever changing work in progress.

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