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I have moved to your block at Home Love Stories! After my first post, I was asked to post some images of this wonky little cottage I call home. It is always a work in progress. As I write, we are in midst of some kitchen & bath refreshing. In other words, its like camping-out … doing dishes with a hose, unable to get my chef-skills on, showering with plastic wrapped around every surface {including my self}!

This 1940’s – 800sf, character-filled place is a charmer. My husband’s Great-grandparents had it built. It is now our haven… well, until we run into each other and side-stepping in order to get down the hall. Our ””mini orchard“ out back has far more space than we do. A mighty walnut shelters our cozy dwelling.

This is my home… welcome…

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      Hi Melissa! so happy to share photos… I’ve got tons! 🙂 Will be glad to indulge all who wish to come see! YES… this is so fun! Thank you for this creative forum a place to share and be inspired! I had let my personal blog go the wayside, and this seems such a great venue for writing and rejoicing in my home – periodically.

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    Love your cozy, charming, eclectic house. I especially love your artwork – the framed paintings and photographs – and the lovely mix of textures – baskets, blankets, silver tray and roses. Really love your style.

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      Diane ~ I appreciate your comments! I do have quite a mix! The art is ever changing! There are many holes in the wall to prove it! One of my fave pieces is the photograph you can see in the dining room. It is large and framed in bamboo. That is a photo of me, my Dad and 2 brothers around 1964. My heart is happy when I look at it!

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        So cool to hear the story of that picture… caught my I as I looked through your great photos. I found myself going back to it several times, intrigued by the story behind it. Thanks for sharing!

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        Amy ~ glad that my black & white photo art intrigued you. It can’t get much more personal than that. It is adored, for sure. The happiness and child play is so evident. My hands are beside me, twirling as I run… my hair captured flying about. I love that my brothers are running from the wave. This image was shot with a Brownie camera, by my Mother… who just passed last year. I had the image enlarged and framed after that. We are at a place called Bean Hollow in Half Moon Bay, California. A spot my parents took us for many beach days. The love behind it is strong. Hope you don’t mind even more history behind the picture! Thanks for commenting!

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    Thanks for sharing. I also love your home and back yard. First thought was oh I can see sitting out there with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Hmm….. Looking forward to more neighbour!

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    Oh my I love that photo. I love that it is with your family. I have added some old family pictures to my house and I love the stories it brings to mind. Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks Jody! I love family photos too! I really would like to do an entire wall with a vintage image… nearly like wallpaper. I’ve seen it done by a designer at HOUZZ. Crazy-good idea… I’ve just got to find the place that will make my dream come true and a wall to place it! 🙂

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      Lauren… many thanks for your comment!! I’m gonna go over and check my neighbor’s home!!… hmmmm where do you live and what love might reside there?

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    Hi Shari, great to meet you! Thank you for visiting! I’ve enjoyed visiting your lovely home & look forward to coming back :). I like your mix of greenery and floral along with the soft neutral tones. Very restful & inviting!

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    Your home is one of those spaces that I’d love walking through spending time over each and every piece you’ve displayed. Enjoying them alone and then the room as a whole. Everything is so thoughtful and clearly tells your story. Love it.

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    SO charming Shari! My first thought was how I’d love to know the story of that photo! It is very eye-catching and so personal…a real treasure! Thanks for the tour. Drop by my place sometime. 🙂

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