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I wanted to share an experience I had today.  True confessions; I had not been back to my dentist in over a year.  I have been going to my dentist for over 25 years, and throughout all those years he has had the same office décor.   Needless to say it was long overdue for a facelift.  When I walked in for my appointment I thought I was in the wrong place.  The waiting room had been completely updated.  Of course being a decorating junkie, I immediately scanned the room, taking it all in.  The room was decorated in what I would call transitional style; not too modern, but not too traditional.  All the doors to the rooms were opaque glass.  There was a faded dark blue tapestry rug on the floor, with  chairs upholstered in soft burlap.   I settled into the rich brown tufted leather couch, and chose a magazine from the gold finished wrought iron and glass coffee table.  Suddenly my mood lifted.  I felt compelled to go up to the receptionist and order a glass  of chardonnay.  Probably not too cool at 9am.  Just the simple act of glancing through a magazine made me feel chic and sophisticated.   I wasn’t waiting to get my teeth cleaned; I was waiting for a dental spa treatment. 

My husband had his teeth cleaned last week.  I called him after my appointment and said, “What did you think of the new waiting room?” He replied he hadn’t really noticed any changes. 

The experience re-enforced my feelings for design.  It is not just about aesthetics, it much, much, more.  It is about how it makes you feel.  Walk around your house or your apartment, and check your mood.  Do your surroundings make you feel good, or indifferent?  If you are feeling mediocre then maybe it is time to freshen up.

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    I so agree with you! When I am in a space I love, I get a certain adrenalin rush – an excited and happy buzz because the environment stimulates my creativity and makes me feel more alive..

    P.S. Next time you go for a check-up, snap up a few pics. I’d love to see that office!

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    I’m with Diane. You did such a great job describing it, I want to see it! I have been staying at my mom’s for a while now and when I went up to my place a couple of weeks ago, I just took a big sigh of contentment and sat there with a big smile on my face as I looked around my home. It really does impact your mood.

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