A New Look For The Mantel 

Spring Mantel Makeover on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com Spring Mantel Makeover

   Looking at the red vases on the mantel, I felt we needed a bit more spring in our family room.  I love the black clock and wanted to keep it, but switched out the red for the blue vases.   Standing back looking at them, it just seemed we needed more gold.  I swapped out the red candles for gold and switched out the candle holders, too.  

   Those vases just screamed out for orchids.  Okay, well in my mind they did, anyway.  The brass urn seemed like a perfect choice to carry the gold through the whole vignette, but it seemed a bit low.  Books were the perfect addition for adding a touch of color and the extra height needed.

   At this point, I walked away.  Sometimes you just need to take a break.  Coming back I realized I still needed something small on both ends.  I remembered having seen a couple of ceramic birds at ‘Tuesday Morning’, which would be perfect for those spots.

   The next day I went shopping.  As I walked straight to where I had last seen the birds and then through the entire store, not a bird was in sight!  Totally disappointed, I started for the door.          There was a display of bird baths on the right as I approached the door and in the middle of two of them were these adorable ceramic birds.

   Elated, I picked them up, bought them and I love the way they look on the mantel.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy! 

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      Thanks, Amy! I guess my comfort zone is more classic and traditional. When we had our first apartment we bought modern furniture. Over time, those pieces have gone by the wayside and I have found that I am a more traditional person, after all.

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      Those pots have been all over the house in one fashion or another. I do love them. They are so unique. Isn’t it funny that in that huge store with hundreds of items, those little birds, tucked in a store display called my name? Fortunately, they didn’t call someone else sooner!

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    The whole mantel vignette is classic and symmetrical and serenely gorgeous, but I mostly loved your play-by-play of the thoughts that went into your process. So fun to hear how another person’s mind goes through this familiar and comforting process!

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    Again your mantel decor is quietly elegant with the two matching blue and white vases? I love blue and white decor. There is something old-world, yet color popping and color blocking about that color combo.

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