When you walk through our front door, you’re kind of hit with the whole house at once.  The stairs are directly in front of you, to your right is the living room, and to your left is the dining room

And after you close the front door, you’re surprised with this little bench tucked away into our little entry “nook”. :)

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    Oh I LOVE your space. It looks so charming and cozy. Really sweet!

    When you walk in my front door, you see the dining room, living room and kitchen all at once.

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    Thank you Amy! I love this room now, but I have some fun plans for it in the near future. I finally ordered the sofa of my dreams and I can’t wait for it to come in so I can have fun re-decorating and designing this space. I’m sure I’ll post updates here along the way, but feel free to stop by my blog http://www.rusticandwoven.com in the meantime. 🙂

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    Hi Tonya! I think seeing the different rooms as you walk in the door is so warm and welcoming! The neutral colors you chose for your home have such a calming effect! I love everything about it! And I really like your seating area. Very unique! Thank you for inviting us in!

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