Finding Contentment

i love lanturns

I was barley 19 yrs old when I was married and we had our first home,BTW,I’m 60 now.Seems like yesterday when we moved into a beautiful new modest ranch house that my fatherinlaw built for us.

I loved to decorate right away!..And even with a limited amount of money,and two little girls,I made a beautiful house into a cozy beautiful home.

But,I soon was to be tested as to what was really important in my life,after five yrs of marriage,hubby was in a terrible accident at his place of work and was paralyzed from the neck down.Limited space here does not allow me to share the past 36 yrs….but what I have found out,was that my focus,remained on what was the real love of my life,and decorating,was way down on the list….but it was there!

We have been blessed beyond measure with friends and family and always a home to decorate!….and decorate I have has been a wonderful source of joy and it has allowed me not to loose myself and my gifts in the midst of tragedy.

Our girls are now grown and we have 3 adorable granddaughters.

I have shown them the love of creating a loving and beautiful space,no matter what your resources may be….and they have beau full homes.

We now live in a condo/ home community….only have been here a few more outside work for me!

It’s smaller,but cozy,and I’m having fun once again finding ways to put my stamp on it! The kids are here several times a week..I want them to be happy when they walked in!Its important to me to give Bill a happy and blessed place to be as he is working from home,and battles depression.

I’ll share pics of home,and my lovely courtyard….remember,we haven’t been here too long,it’s still evolving!

How kind of you ,who have read this short synopsis of my journey.

Be blessed In yourjourney….God Bless

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    We do not know each other, however, I was so moved to read your post!!
    You are truly an inspiration……I will try each day to be a better person!
    Thank you for sharing,,,,,,,I am humbled!

  2. 2

    thankyou for reading,,,
    ive never written anything before,but this seemed like a nice save place to get a little involved.
    my trouble is i cant seem to get the nack of uploading pictures///with any consistancy!.so ive gotten on hubbys laptop….instead of my ipad….ill keep trying!
    A new friend!,,How Nice!…have a great Sunday

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  4. 4

    Hi Della! Your story is truly inspiring! The trials in your life have definitely been grounding and most important! But I am glad you found this neighborhood to share something that will serve you some personal gratification. I am inspired by you already and have seen that you have shared your home with us in your newer posts. I’m a little behind in commenting, but am looking forward to commenting on the new place you call HOME! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. 5

    Thankyou..This is a first for me…but I’m enjoying a place to share,and of course the new friendships.
    Looking forward to more interaction with you and others..I’m home most of the time,taking care of home ,hearth and hubby…but Happy!

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