DIY Shelf in Sunroom

2 wood fence pickets cut to size, 3 brackets, paper bunting, round lacquered tray, glass jars and wine bottle, glass lanterns, glass oval frame from thrift store, branches from front yard, fresh flowers

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    Your style is so bold and confident; I love the way you mix and match elements to create such a personal and successful look. I knew these photos must be from your home before I ever saw your name on the post. 🙂

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    Diane, your comments make me want to put on “decorating” airs :)~ Your words inspire me; they mean a lot to me because you seem to know my style. Did you know I also dress as boldly and colorfully as I decorate?

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    This is so colorful and GORGEOUS!!!! Did you also make the glass bottles with flowers on them? are they decals? so pretty! the bunting is a really great idea too, so creative and clever!! One more question…. are the white speckled roses made of paper? again, so pretty and clever!! nice work! thanks for sharing, you make me long for Spring – it’s almost here, and I have so many sprouts in the gardens, thank heavens!

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