Kitchen- help please!

This kitchen project started 2 years ago when we moved in. The kitchen space is great- it’s open to the dining room the living room, donors open concept and that I love.

What I didn’t like so much- the builder grade cabinetry, linoleum flooring, and the ugly color of the countertops, the ugly yellowed florescent light and the breakfast bar… 

Being on a tiny budget we opted for painting the cabinets white & adding hardware to the cabnitry. We bought stainless steel appliances at outlet stores and that helped improve the look of the kitchen. 

I still yet have to update the lighting & the yucky countertops… But what I really want to do? Make the breakfast bar area one large level island… 

I’m just feeling lost with this kitchen… Any suggestions? I really want to love it, help! (Side note All these images are from two years ago)

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    Well done! I know they sell things to paint onto counter tops to update them if you can’t replace them. They are made to resemble “granite ” or at the very least you can change the color. You’re so handy you could probably make butcher block lol!!

  2. 2

    It is much improved and I think it looks great! I know it is hard when you can’t do everything, but updates can happen as you have the budget. Maybe when you are ready for at least part of it, maybe if you just start with the cabinets around the perimeter and leave your breakfast bar for now, just to take one bite out of the budget at a time. Then tackle the breakfast bar part separately. Or vice versa, just do the breakfast bar first! I bet you could make that a DIY project if you feel handy. I can see why you perhaps want to make the breakfast bar a big island, but it seems to be to look good like it is so baby steps, right?

  3. 3

    Zenia, what you’ve accomplished on your kitchen is amazing. What a great transformation! I’ve read, too, about painted countertops which look great at a fraction of the cost. I’m facing a mini kitchen remodel (refacing cabinets), but am paralyzed by the many steps and many decisions, too.

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    I think you’ve done a wonderful job! I just started painting my kitchen cabinets white (I only have four done) and by my calculations, and rough drawing of my cabinets, I have 37 drawer fronts and cabinets to go! Ha! Not that I’m counting… I am doing this in baby steps and I am only removing 4 cabinets at a time. We just received a wonderful blessing of a new grandson, and with the the holidays coming, I am thinking of just hanging these four back up and calling it good until after Christmas. As part of this project, we are also installing new countertops. I haven’t decided yet on granite or Quartz. I’ve had both, and like them equally as well. I am not even sure if I’m going with dark counters or light. I just needed to get started and do SOMETHNG, ya know? I will post before pictures… If I can figure it out!

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