Better Late Than Never

I’m a bit late to the #aroundthetable party, but…well, you know what they say.

“Better late than never” also applies to my new dining room table. This DIY baby was built just in the nick of time for Thanksgiving Dinner 2014, but I’m still waiting for warmer weather so I can complete the final sanding and finishing steps outside. 

The hoop back chairs are handmade gems from the 80s.

The old cupboard dates to the 1800s. We rescued it from the dusty corner of an Ohio barn and carried it, my husband and I, up two flights of stairs to our first apartment. Took us well over an hour to manage its massive weight and ungainly shape around the tight corners of the stairwell. 

The triangles on the walls come straight from the fertile imagination of Mandi at Vintage Revivals.

And the daffodils are purely the glory of spring. 

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    Nice table Diane. Amazing how good quality pieces like the cupboard, chairs and the table add instant character. They are timeless treasures. I look forward to seeing the finished stain on the table.

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    I love how the modern triangles play with that beautiful, rustic cupboard. It’s a great balance. I’m excited to see the finished table. Oh and those daffodils…perfect!

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    Diane, I love that your table and chairs are handmade. Treasures like that mean the most to me. Perhaps the old cupboard was also handmade by a farmer who wanted to give his wife some pretty place to store their dishes and blankets. I like to imagine the former life of old pieces like that!

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    Hi Diane! Finally, we get to see part of your home! Such a pretty setting! I really like the contrast of the lighter table, even unfinished. Will you be staining the table a light or darker color? I like this farmhouse look with the slight contemporary feel from the wall design. Really warm and welcoming! Thanks for sharing! I hope you show us the final out come of your table.

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    Just beautiful Diane. I no longer have a formal dining table so I love yours even more! I love personal stories that are related to things in our homes. Yours is charming and lovely.

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    The daffodils look lovely in the rustic feel of the dining room! I love the triangles on the wall! I have been thinking of stenciling on one of my walls, but I am not sure I am the right person to do it! 🙂

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