I don’t even know how to rotate this image, but here is a typical mealtime at our home.  What I like? Love the big table and the people around it.  I even like the china cabinet.  What I don’t? The chairs are not my style and the green walls drive me crazy.  I would give anything for two light fixtures to hang over the 8 foot table and change the style from this odd creation that is in place.

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    I’m not sure what your style is but sometimes you can find odd wood dining chairs at tag sales for $10 or under. I like the look of all different types of wood chairs – painted, the same color or even different colors – and put around one table. Sort of an eclectic collected over time look. It might be a way to change out your chairs for less money then buying a whole set. What color are you thinking for the walls? I just painted mine “Lazy Gray” from Sherman Williams – it’s a cool blue grey and looks great with red accents – like the plates on the back wall.

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    Yes, I do enjoy the look of the eclectic chairs around a table, but my personal style is a bit more uniform. We have so much going on with the large number of people and pets in our home, so I prefer a more basic furniture style. The chairs we have are in good condition, I’m simply not a huge fan of the Windsor backs. I would choose a more French country, curved ladder back.

    Regarding the paint, I would love your gray! That is my choice for when get to do it. This space connects with our entry, dining, living, kitchen and so it is going to be a big project. I hope to find a time when our children are gone to get it done. The ceilings are 25+ feet and the rooms flow from one to another, so it’s going to be a big task. Thank you for sharing your paint color!!

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    I love the way the long side of your table lies against the row of windows. My in-laws’ dining table was oriented this way, and the view outside gave us a neverending variety of things to talk about. What a great room for eating!

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