Around the House: Outside Tour

The love story of our house begins outside. It was derelict and abandoned, empty for almost two years while we sought to own it. It was a short-sale, fringing on foreclosure. But we loved it. We would visit our house, just hanging out on the porch, looking through the windows, dreaming of what we would do to it.  And finally in July 2011 it was ours. 

The house was built in 1947 and had acres of land. In the 1970’s it sold for $14,000 and included 14 acres. It now has 1.3 acres and most of the surrounding land has been developed. There is a neighborhood of mid-to -higher priced homes built 2005-2008 with a Northwest flavor and itty-bitty yards. 

We have done most, but not all of the work, on the house ourselves. We had many ‘opinionated discussions’ about the deck, especially the open vs. covered areas. It really did take a professional to sort this out and make this masterpiece happen. Sometimes you have to trust the pros, even though it may feel like you are giving up control.  

A professional contractor made this happen. And our bank account. Worth every penny. The decking is synthetic. There is built in lighting on the steps and under the railings. Yes, there’s a hot tub too. 

We do a lot of grilling, year round now. 

Outdoor living area with either rain-drum table in the center or a small fire pit when appropriate (we are both firefighters). 

Outdoor dining area.

These “Stairs to Nowhere” now have purpose with a cover and bench seating. Our guess is that the previous owner intended the garage to be converted into living space with this as a new entrance. 

The shop (where the husband does the wife’s projects). 

There’s a lot more to explore on the property plus projects in the works…it is truly our dream house and a work of love. 

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    I LOVE this!! What a cool story. I have a dream that I will someday stumble upon another gem like that that needs love. You’ve done a great job, I love the stepping stones, the deck and the red bench, all of it. The shutters! Really cute. Thanks for sharing!!

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    I love that you found a home that truly speaks to you, and are making it your own. That outdoor space is amazing, and I have taken to heart your advice about sometimes calling in the pros.

    Also, I love that you are firefighters with a fire pit. 🙂

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    Love the patio. Is the roofing clear fiberglass or plastic or is it galvanized metal? Can’t tell for sure from pics. But love half open half covered. Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing

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