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Kentucky homemaker. Loves Jesus, family, friends, houses, decorating, writing, books, chocolate, Italian food and blue sky, crisp Autumn days.
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Orange Flowers in Blue Mason Jars

A week ago while shopping at Kroger I spied some lovely orange roses.  They were only ten bucks for a dozen so I put them in the cart.  They also had a nice bunch of baby’s breath for a couple of bucks, so that too when in the cart.

The next morning I decided to use some blue mason jars I had and make three arrangements.  I am not a skilled flower designer by any means, but I love playing around and seeing how they turn out.  Not bad!  I took a few photos to share.  Ok, a lot of photos.

I shared one arrangement with my mom and another with a friend just home from the hospital.  They were a hit and I still had one to enjoy at home! Simple pleasures!

A week later they still look beautiful! They have opened up gorgeously and I think I’ll get a few more days of enjoyment. Why yes, I took updated photos just moments ago, so glad you asked:

Grace lives in the bloom,


Around The Table

This was the dining room in my Grace House in Tennessee.  The house that still lodges deep in my heart.  When we first moved to Grace house, I did not have a dining room table, so my parents found one at an Antique shop and brought her to me.

The table was missing the leaves, so my dad purchased boards and fashioned the four missing leaves, then stained them to match the table. When the table has all four leaves, it will seat ten.  I have happy memories of friends and family seated around her.

In 2006, since it was going to be our last Tennessee Christmas, the whole family came and celebrated with us.  We  had a wonderful meal and time of fellowship around that table.  

When we first moved back to Kentucky, the table was in our campus apartment and more often than not was piled with mail, books or other odds and ends. At the apartment, we used it without the leaves due to space.

Then the table moved again this time to our little cottage in my hometown, where it became the center of attention in my dining slash workroom slash library.  This was a wonderful room where I could spread out with projects or host a group of people for dinner.  She has worked hard for us over the years.

And at Christmas of 2013

Recently, the table has moved again; to storage this time because my husband needed a studio room for teaching piano. In our small house space is at a premium, so he moved into the larger room and the smaller room where he had his piano became our little dining room with a smaller table.  

For awhile before she went to storage, we felt like we were playing musical tables (I haven’t told you about all our tables). There always seemed to be one table without a home, so this one was sacrificed.  I miss her but know she is patiently waiting  for me to bring her home again when the time is right.

Hoping you find Grace around your table,



Excited To Meet You, Neighbor

I am a homemaker who is busy cozying up a little cottage. I love Jesus, family, friends, houses, decorating, writing, books, chocolate, Italian food and blue sky, crisp Autumn days.  

For years, I wanted to be a homemaker, but because I didn‘t have children and because my husband kept going back to school, I never felt that the time was right to indulge that dream. So, over the years I have been an English teacher, Nanny of sorts, Office Manager and Customer Service Specialist. 

Three years ago this June we moved back to my hometown to be near my parents, and this was the perfect time for me to break away from nine to five and enjoy my little cottage. 

Our little house sits next door to my parents.  It is a house my father acquired in 2010 because he wanted a back way into his property. We joked that he had the most expensive driveway in town.  He now has a back driveway, and he agreed that my husband and I could fix up the little house as our weekend getaway.  In 2012, due to health issues with my parents, we moved in full time. It has been an adventure trying to fit contents from two residences into one. 

My brother with the help of a friend and my father did most of the remodeling and updating.   There are still things (new roof, better landscaping, paint exterior and so forth) that need to be done as time and money permit.  For now we are learning to live simply and be thankful for our blessings.

Today I’ll share some of the outside pics and save the interior for next time.

Another dream I‘ve had over the years is to be a writer. The dream is always there and has shown up in spurts, but in January of 2011 I got serious about writing and started a Writers group at my church and then later that year began a blog. I thought my blog would be a combination of house decor and writing, but the writing became the focus rather than the house.

I‘m still not sure what direction my writing will ultimately take, and I am currently on a blogging break of sorts. This season has been a curious time of not writing, but I‘m excited to see how it all turns out. 

In the meantime, since I love houses, I thought this would be the perfect spot to call home and share bits and pieces of my home with you. I also thought it would be a great motivator to get me back in the swing of putting my house in order.  

Let‘s have inspiring chats on the front porch swing or at the kitchen table. Excited to meet you, neighbor!