Orange Flowers in Blue Mason Jars

A week ago while shopping at Kroger I spied some lovely orange roses.  They were only ten bucks for a dozen so I put them in the cart.  They also had a nice bunch of baby’s breath for a couple of bucks, so that too when in the cart.

The next morning I decided to use some blue mason jars I had and make three arrangements.  I am not a skilled flower designer by any means, but I love playing around and seeing how they turn out.  Not bad!  I took a few photos to share.  Ok, a lot of photos.

I shared one arrangement with my mom and another with a friend just home from the hospital.  They were a hit and I still had one to enjoy at home! Simple pleasures!

A week later they still look beautiful! They have opened up gorgeously and I think I’ll get a few more days of enjoyment. Why yes, I took updated photos just moments ago, so glad you asked:

Grace lives in the bloom,


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