Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Most Saturdays you can find me making the estate sale
circuit where I live.  This has been a past time of mine for many years,
and I am proud to say that 75% of my house is filled with my discoveries. 
Recently I have tried my hand at auctions. But, it just does not compare to the
thrills I get when I go to an estate sale. The moment I walk into a sale, by
heart beats a little faster, and my hunting and gathering skills become
keen.   I see what others don’t.  While waiting in line to pay,
everyone scrutinizes each other’s purchases, and everyone comes out feeling
like a winner.

I have a lot of stories about my treasure hunts.  So
I will spare you, and just share a couple.  Once I spied a white leather
clutch purse, embossed with a Japanese garden scene, that happen to have a
souvenir from my college alma mater tucked away in a pocket (talk about
karma).  Or the 6’ x 6’ abstract oil painting that could barely fit in my
son’s pick-up truck, but is now the main focal point in my living room.
 The take away is try this for yourself; start out small and then work
your way up.  To see my recent projects go to

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      I actually took a continuing education class on Estate Sales. Here are a couple tips I learned that may help you feel less intimidated. First day everything of course is full price. Unless you are looking for something specific, I would wait till everything goes 25%., which in a lot of cases is the second day. Then go to the rooms in the house that would have items that are of most interest to you, like kitchen, family room, etc. Usually high ticket items are near the cashier so they can keep an eye on them, like silver, jewelry etc. Happy hunting!

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