My kitchen, my love :)

this kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in my home. My hubby fitted the kitchen himself and I have collected accessories with birthday money over the years from places like TK maxx

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    I’ve been absent a few days but so glad to be home & meet you Amanda in my neiborhood! Now if only I could knock on your door with a basket of muffins and join you for a tea in that beautiful white kitchen!!! White kitchens are my fave! 🙂 I see you have a typical English setup of washing machine in kitchen as well. I wish that were an American thing too! Look at the space to fold clothes on! I love every bit of it

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      Hi Nila! Thank you for the welcome and kitchen love x muffins sounds great! I have a deep love for white kitchens too, yes I live in a typical UK residence most every UK home have utilities in the kitchen with exception to a few higher end homes that have utility rooms. I just love this little community everyone is so friendly! Look forward to speaking to you again, have a lovely weekend x

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