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When my daughter moved to her own apartment, I started changing her former bedroom to be a guest room for my granddaughters to sleep over. Occasionally my daughter will still sleepover. (Especially after we stay up late watching the Batchelorette :) ) My granddaughters are 11 and 8 and they were thrilled to see the room taking shape. They would even do a little re -decorating moving pictures around and adding small bowls of scented soap. I adored how much they loved it. The window has a small ledge in the dormer of my building and they would pile blankets and pillows to make a reading nook. So this spring I ordered a custom pillow and a few more toss cushions. The pillow arrived today and so now things look like this…

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    Hi Nancy! What sweet thing to do for your Granddaughters! I love the striped seat cushion with the coordinating pillows! Great color choices. The perfect little nook for reading and relaxing! Simply Lovely!

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      Thanks Maria. I can’t wait to see their reaction. I am giving the youngest sewing lessons on Monday so that should be the first big reveal.
      Once I get the closet doors on ( That’s a whole other story.), I will share pictures of the complete room. Have a marvelous weekend!

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    What an adorable little reading nook Nancy! Your granddaughters are going to be thrilled you are creating such a pretty space with them in mind. P.S. I am a Bachelorette fan too. πŸ™‚

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      Thanks Tonya!
      I was on your site earlier…love the bedding in your room! I think the guest room is really nice too. You have great taste!
      Looks like this season of the Bachelorette is going to be interesting! πŸ™‚

  4. 7

    Thank you so much!!
    Yes, I believe this will be one interesting season too. What would Chris Harrison say? “The most dramatic season of the bachelorette EVER.”? Lol.

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      Thanks Amy. I think I am fulfilling a childhood dream as well! I have always loved window seats. I can’t believe I’ve waited 15 years to do this in this window. I am still nervous that the dust and dirt from outside may make this impractical but I can now open my window from the top down so I am hoping this will save me from too much laundering. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. 10

    I love window seats in general. And I love yours. I also have a bay window seat, and I really like itbecause you can lift up part of the seat to store things. I use it as a linen closet. I just can’t put any comfy pillows or decorate it, because my little toddler runt throws everything on the floor

    • 11

      Thanks Hanh! I wish mine could be used for storage too. Ah yes! I remember the days when my children were young and nothing stayed in place for long. Now it is my 3 year old grandson who loves things on the floor! πŸ™‚

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