Yesterday my husband and I went to a nearby river for the day. He’s an avid fly fisherman, so he fished and I sunbathed/read. All in all a great day! On the way back to the car I picked these beauties for the house!

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    Your flower arrangement really caught my eye. There is something so natural and unforced about it, I love it. Then the avid fly fisherman line REALLY caught my eye because my husband is an avid fly fisherman too! You’re better than me though because I do not go with him as he stays out fishing for 12 hours!! Now if only we were real neighbors….. I think they could fish and we could decorate!!

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    Hi Adrienne! There’s something mesmerizing about wild flowers. Maybe its all the greenery that that surrounds these delicate little flowers. You captured such a pretty setting in your vase! Especially, with the green beaded wrap around it!
    A perfect memory of the day you spent with your husband, that will last all week long . . . Happy Spring!

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    I love the airy and relaxed feel of your bouquet. Maybe I should go with my husband on one of his fly fishing outings as he is also an avid fly fisherman and I could come home with such a treat for my home. . If only we were real neighbors…..they could fish and we could decorate!

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    Beautiful, organic, and so real. Greenhouse flowers are great, but nothing beats the charm and appeal of wildflowers.

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    Enchanting that’s what this post is for me. I live in Nova Scotia and it has been an unusually harsh winter…still have snow on the ground! Spring seems to be about a month late here. Seeing this lovely bouquet from nature took me immediately back to my childhood when I use to search for May flowers and Lady Slippers in the woods surrounding our lakeside cottage. I am now even more impatient for spring days but in a good way. 🙂

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      So glad you enjoyed seeing these! I grew up only a few hours drive from where I live now, so the flowers are all familiar to me, but it did take me back to gathering posies for our neighbors as a child.

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      Ha ha! Yes, that’s our ridiculously huge collection of coffee-making items. That’s when you get when you live in the northwest I guess, we sure love our coffee! Glad you enjoyed!

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