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I promise this waffle isn’t burnt! It’s a Buckwheat waffle with raspberries (Waffles are my all time favorite!) Buckwheat is gluten free and super healthy. I buy it by the pound and grind it at home. 

Idaho Sunrise! Bake your potato in the crock pot over night. In the morning just crack in an egg & broil, then pull it back out and add a slice of cheese, half way cook some bacon in the microwave then rip it on top and pop it under the broiler until done! Add some spring onions or chives.

Applewood bacon, arugula, tomato, and chedder quiche in a whole grain crust. Below the quiche you’ll see a Macadamia Nut Waffle with tropical fruit salad on top. YUM!

Traditional American breakfast. No tin of Heinz beans or grilled mushrooms … sorry British neighbors!

Veggies, Gruyere Cheese and Dill Omlet with Grilled Chicken Apple Sausage

I work in a hospital and start my days at 4am. Often I dread my mornings. Once the alarm rings, Annie becomes a drill sergeant telling me, “Get up mommy! You’ve got less than an hour to get out the door.. go, go, go!”  Annie then begins scratching at my scalp full speed like she’s digging a hole to China. Ouch…Little Brat! Mornings are so hectic that a sit down breakfast is always overlooked. BUT…Sundays are a different story! I sleep until 6:45-8am depending on how long Annie permits me. We head to the kitchen & whip up a special breakfast to wake Daddy and Josie up with! Here are some pics of our lazy Sunday morning breakfasts.

I LOVE making breakfast, it’s my favorite meal of the day. My sister swears I make the best waffles and pancakes from scratch. When she visits she always says I run the best B&B! lol Now.. if I can only start charging for a room! :P
P.S I’ve added a photo of Annie for ya’ll to see. Yes… hair horns & all attitude!

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    Wow! You can really cook! I love eggs, so like Bren I’d opt for the quiche and omelet. It’s funny-Belgians think we’re silly for eating waffles and pancakes for breakfast. They eat them only as snacks, Annie does look like a little devil! 🙂

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    Here’s a funny story about my eggs! I texted a little farm on Craigslist to get fresh eggs. Later on that day I thought I was sending flirty texts to my hubby on the hour for 8 hrs while at work, instead they were going to the egg farmer!!! Luckily it’s a little Russian farm so I’m hoping they didn’t understand most my texts lol I pay $3.00 for my weekly dozen & fresh eggs from happy chickens taste so much better 🙂

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    Cherie, cover the jacket potatoes in Aluminum foil. They cook either on high for three-4 hours or low for about 6 to 8 hours. No water in the slow cooker. Good luck!

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    Annie is adorable!! How could you not have a great day waking up to that face? 😉 Your breakfasts are amazing! My weekday breakfast are very simple, but on the weekend I love french toast, pancakes, etc. My favorite is topping them with fruit! So as you might have guesses I’m a brunch lover and always up for breakfast for dinner. My favorite there is veggie omelets with toast! Thanks for sharing!

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    Annie is adorable!! How could you not have a great day waking up to that face? 😉 Your pictures look amazing! My weekday breakfasts are very simple, but on the weekends I love french toast, waffles, etc. One of my favorite things to do is top them with fruit. I love going out for brunch and I’m always up for breakfast for dinner. My favorite for that is a veggie omelet with toast. Thanks for sharing Annie and your mornings!

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    Hi Nila! Your breakfast dishes look amazing! I’m going to have to try to cook some of those on the weekends when we don’t have much planned. I also love Belgian Waffles! I don’t have a waffle maker, but I like to order them we get the chance to go out for breakfast. I might just have to go buy one to try your healthy waffle recipe. Also, that’s so funny about your fresh egg story!! And your Annie is so adorable, hair horns and all! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    You’ve probably helped US relations with Russia Nila! 🙂 So funny!
    Your cooking skills are shining here! Makes me want to have brunch this weekend for sure…even though I am retired it seems the week days don’t leave time for a leisurely breakfast.

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    I had to scroll up to see hair horns. I missed them because I couldn’t take my eyes off that cute face! What a sweetie!

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