What to do about Turquoise

You can read the full post here on my blog http://camusrd.blogspot.com/2015/04/turquoise-to-do-or-not-to-do.html 

So in my perusing of pinterest I have come across the idea of using the color turquoise. Specifically in my laundry/Mud room. And I like the idea, but it also scares me.

I like looking and seeing bold color and pattern choices, and of course I PIN it, but when it comes down to actually doing it in MY house….I’m terrified. So I play it safe, and go with a white or a grey, or some other neutral. But I’m really tempted to do something fun, and I think the laundry room might be a safe place to do that in. 

What do you think? Is this just a trend and I’ll hate it in 5 yrs? Or is turquoise a classic that will keep me happy for a long time?

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    Why not try something new if you really want to. Perhaps just an accent wall to see how you like it and continue to build upon it if you grow to like a new color more. I think light turquoise color is ok, but deep ones no, not for me. I decorate with a lot of intense colors, but I don’t like intensely colored walls. But it’s just me. So you do what your decor heart tells you. Good luck Mandy

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    The good thing about a small area is if you aren’t in love with it, you can always paint it back. Of course, that’s a pain in the rump for me because I don’t like to redo painted cabinets if that is what you are thinking to paint. But, if you aren’t sure how you feel, how about a turquoise and white laundry room but use white paint for any cabinetry and then accents of turquoise (fabric, frames, or even the wall). With that said, that laundry room is adorable!

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    I vote for bold color. Pick the exact shed with care and you will love it for years to come. Life is short so live with abandon!

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    I painted my laundry room walls blue and loved it, but I wouldn’t paint my cabinetry. I’ve painted cabinets once and that’s enough! It’s a huge commitment. I also think turquoise looks great with natural baskets, wicker, etc. to warm it up.

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