Wedding Cake Toppers

I wanted to share a collection that I have had for many years. It sits on a shelf in my old dining room cupboard. It all started with a Norman Rockwell figurine that my husband gave to me for one of our anniversaries. 

 I think it’s called Bride and Groom.  Something about it was so charming to me and when I started seeing old antique cake toppers at antique shops I found myself buying them and starting this collection. My husband even found a few for me in his travels. I have picked out a few favorites to share. 

I don’t have mine for some reason, sadly, but I do have other people’s!   This blond bride in the center is a favorite.  As well as this tiny couple. 

Maybe not a cake topper but they made the cut!  Their arms even move! They are all different, some with skirts, some with veils.  I even have a few bridesmaids. Now if only they could tell me their stories….. ?

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      Happy Mother’s Day Nancy! I don’t have any new collections these days, but I like to keep this one out because they are all so different. Thanks for taking a peek!

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      Thank you Amy. The love letters came from pottery barn clearance. They are individual glitter letters on a thick sturdy cardboard. Very useful message I thought in a home!

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      Thank you Debra! I haven’t collected a new one in years but I do enjoy having them displayed. I will bet that now that you’ve seen my collection you might notice them now in antique shops. 🙂

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