Through the window

This is what I am looking at right now.  I have just taken this photo through the conservatory window.  If you look into the picture you will see my beautiful fragrant ‘Leaping Salmon rose climbing all over the pergola.. Under the pergola is the log store and this will be hidden from view in a few weeks when the sweet peas cover the frame.  The pond looks amazing now and the flowers around it are really bursting out into bloom. We eat tea most evenings outdoors since we moved the table.  It used to be under the pergola and we rarely ate down there.   The stained glass rainbow on the windowsill is a piece I made a very long time ago when Tony and I were taking stained glass classes.  It is a hobby that we return to now and then

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    Everything is so lush and GREEN… I love it! What a transformation since your first garden pics! Thanks for sharing

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  3. 3

    What a beautiful garden…..picture postcard perfect. Can you share with me if that is pea gravel which you are using?
    Enjoy the view 8n good health!

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