The Road Rises Up to Greet Me

Not a bad way to get to and from work!

I used to commute to and from work for 45 minutes each way. I got to work feeling defeated and got home feeling drained. I work in a homeowners association that boasts 55+ acres of landscaping. Now that I’ve moved, I walk 10 minutes to and from work and this is the path. To say I’m feeling blessed is an understatement!

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    How lovely Bettsi! It is so important to start your day off right. This walk must do wonders for your soul and your overall health.
    When I was working, I noticed that if I drove on the highway to work, I became stressed and would drive so much faster to keep up with traffic. It put me in overdrive before I reached school. One day I took the back roads which took me passed several lakes and at a much slower pace. The results were amazing! The scenery so beautiful and calming that my days were off to a great start. Thanks for sharing this pretty spot.

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