The Kitchen that Serves Us Well

I didn’t alway love my kitchen. We inherited the home from my husband’s parents, so it wasn’t my dream kitchen. It had very busy wallpaper indicative of the early 1980’s when it was built. I wasn’t too crazy over the white countertops which are Corian (so I knew they were nice). I wanted many times to change out to granite which was all the rage for a time, but I couldn’t force myself to take up the white when there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Time has changed my views though. I really love it now!

Another thing that is so trendy now is painted white cabinets. I have never been on that wagon. While I have seen so many cute kitchens with them, I love my stained wood cabinets. I love the wood grain. I think it brings so much character to the room.

I adore my island. I truly try not to put anything on it and use it as a work space or serving counter only. I have learned over the years if you even put one decorative thing on it, then before you know it is cluttered, and the whole kitchen is messy looking.

I am fortunate to live on a bayou along the Gulf Coast, so my view out the window is beautiful.

I have learned if you wait long enough some things will come back in style, and others will just hold enough memories that you will keep them even though they aren’t so trendy now like the lighting.

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  1. 1

    Isn’t that the truth, if you wait long enough….. I really love the look of the white counters and wood cabinets.! The white is so fresh and clean and the wood is so cozy and warm. Lovely kitchen!

  2. 2

    You speak the truth! While the 80s are well on their way back in, natural wood cabinets and all, and it’s always fun to be on trend, what matters more is that you love what you have. I am rocking some sweet oak cabinets myself and while I’ve considered refinishing them a million times, I just can’t do it. Cheers to wood grain!

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