The Graduate

Batchelor of Science with a First Class Honours

Hello everyone.  What a strange year I have had since I Iast posted. My ex husband died and left his house to our son Alexander.  It has taken a huge amount of work to make it habitable.  Alexander moved into the house with his girlfriend about 6 weeks ago.  Then last week he graduated from university with a first class honours degree in music technology He has set up his own business doing the lighting and sound for music events and it seems to be working well so far. Tony and I are empty nesters now and my craft stash has expanded to fill aAlexander’s old room.

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    Hi Cherie! So glad you posted. I have not posted in a long time either and I often wonder what is going on in the lives of the friends I have made on this site. I will need to give a check in post as well.
    How amazing for your son! You must be so proud. My son is in business for himself as well and so I can relate to the joys and stress you must be feeling as you stand by and watch him strike out on his own. I wish him every success.
    Thanks for sharing and may your empty nest be filled with love and laughter and much happiness.

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    Hi Cherie, I’m sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
    I agree with Nancy, wondering what all our neighbors have been up to.
    Congratulations Alexander! Cherie, you must be so proud!
    My husband and I also became empty nesters within the past few months with my Daughter, Megan moving out first with her boyfriend in late April & then my Son, Frank moving out with his girlfriend in late June. The good, thing is that they both live very close to us! Hope to see you posting more of your crafts soon! 🙂

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