The Couch Cover Complete!

I have been working on a slipcover for our couch for the past 2 months. The Couch was given to us when we got married almost 4 years ago. It had previously been in a coffee shop, so it was a bit worn around the edges already, but I like how big it is, you really can fit 4 people on here with no problems, and even a tall person can sleep on it with no issues.

 I finally realized at the beginning of this year, though, that it wasn’t going to last much longer on its own. The corners were coming apart and the only way to save it (since a new couch was definitely not in the budget) was a slipcover. 

Unfortunately, because of its unique size and shape a slipcover would also have been a significant investment. So I decided to make my own. In materials I spent about $50 for this project, although there was a LOT of time involved since Iā€™m not and experienced seamstress.

 I bought two large painters drop cloths at Walmart and dyed them grey. Then I created my own pattern for the material by pinning it inside out on the couch and cushions themselves. 

Am I 100% thrilled with the result? No. It doesn’t fit like a glove for sure, and I really should have used a fabric with a tighter weave, but that would have added to the cost and this was really all we could afford. 

Am I satisfied that it will work for my family/would I do it again if I was starting over? Yes. It may not be perfect but it will work for my family and get the job done. Plus I think the grey really looks nice in the room. I can’t wait to pretty it up with cute throw pillows!

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    I think that you did an amazing job! Dying fabric and no pattern? I think that you could sew anything after doing that. Adding cute pillows will definitely be the finishing touch.

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    Adrienne you did an excellent job! Couple of pillows and a throw blanket in the fall and you will have a killer look. I know things never look as good in pictures as they do in real life so I know it looks even better in person! You should be proud of your work! You are going to have your friends begging you to make slipcovers for them!

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    Casual chic, Adrienne! I’m very impressed! Making a slipcover takes a lot of time and patience, I know. Such a great idea to dye the drop cloths grey…..LOVE that color.

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      Thanks Karen, that’s very sweet of you, I’m sure you would have done a way better job! Unfortunately the problem with DIY is that it doesn’t always work right, My couch cover keeps losing down off the couch after a while of people using it. So you know any tips to fix that? šŸ™‚

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    Even professionally made slipcovers will slip and ease out of shape with regular use! Slipcovers move around, there is no way getting around it. I don’t have a solution for keeping your finished slipcover in place but there are a couple of things you can do when making your next one: Pin fit the fabric snug when you’re pin fitting the pattern and add tuck ins (a 2 to 4″ fabric allowance on the seat (deck area) at the base of the inner arms and inner back. to tuck in).

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      Thanks! I did include a wide tuck-in on the bottom/back (under the cushions) and I’ve heard of people actually using a pool noodle to keep it snug and in that groove (that’s what keeps pulling out, but I tried making it a seam and then it just pulls the whole cover off…) so I’m gonna give the pool noodle a try. Wish me luck!

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