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 #LetsgoOutside.  For the last few years, I have been making burlap liners for my wall planters on each side of the sliding doors from the basement to the patio.  It seemed to me that the coconut liners dried out too quickly.  Maybe I am wrong but I took a double layer of burlap and lined my planters with it. 

   Have you seen that people have been lining their planters with disposable diapers?  Well, I felt that was worth a try and used a couple in the bottom of each of these planters.  The end product was appealing and in my mind they seemed to need watering less often. One problem I had last year was that the burlap slipped down in the back.

   This year as I was preparing to line the planters, it dawned on me that a small cable tie slipped through the burlap and fastened to the metal around the top of the planter basket would hold it securely.  We bought 4” cable ties and they worked perfectly!  

     Do you have any of those cheap plastic pots lying around?  Taking some chalk paint, I transformed them into something a little easier on the eye!

   The stencils were from Martha Stewart.  I used two coats of the chalk paint for the base before applying the stencil.  Afterward, three coats of outdoor polyurethane were used.  They look great on the patio.

Let’s Go Outside!

Hey Everybody! How are you all? I LOVE seeing all your stories, so much fun. You all are great!

Let’s take it OUTSIDE for this week’s block party! Come show us your favorite outdoor spaces, your garden or projects you plan to work on outside this summer! Can’t wait to hang out with you! Use the hashtag #letsgooutside

Have fun!