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The Entry Foyer#First Impressions

   This is our entry foyer.  As you can see there are still remnants from Easter remaining.  Our foyer opens up to the dining room on the right and the living room on the left.  Straight ahead is the family room and the eat-in kitchen to the right.

   The first two rooms get passed over a lot.  When we have a group of people over though, it seems a few of the women will always migrate to the living room.  It is much cozier and more conducive to conversation, and I suppose it is much more feminine than the other rooms.  The guys never end up there, but we do have a game room in the basement, where you will surely find them!


   As you can see, the main floor has a very open floor plan.  Confidentially, I am a bit claustrophobic and love the openness.  I suppose it can be a curse and a blessing since if there is a mess it is there for all to see.  The blessing outweighs the curse.  

    There are always things we have to do to fix or work on the house, but I love my home.  #first impressions.