Springtime Display

Anticipating spring and warmer temperatures inspired me to take on a quick DIY project for my dining room. A few weeks ago I saw similar candlesticks in one of my favorite stores that I just loved, but they weren’t in the budget so … I visited my local crafts store and bought three wooden candlesticks, three glass votive cups, and paint. I gave each candlestick about four coats of paint and finished each with a glossy sealer. When everything was nice and dry my husband helped me glue the votive cups to each candlestick with super strong adhesive. I’m so pleased with how the project turned out! I actually like my DIY candlesticks better than the ones I originally saw in the store because they match my dining room colors perfectly! The green paint I used on one of the candlesticks is the same paint gracing the room’s walls. Perfect! I’m planning to place seasonal items like jelly beans for Easter, sea shells for the summer, and so on in the votive cups to keep the arrangement fresh.  

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