Spring Jewelry

These pendant frames are for embroidered and fabric jewelry, but I use hard paper, too, from cards, paper plates, placemats, napkins, etc.  Whatever works.  

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    What fun jewelry Hanh! So many interesting ways to make these! Where do you find pendant frames?
    I asked about your teaching as I am a retired teacher. My sister taught English until she moved into administration and eventually was the Superintendent for our School Board. I completed my Masters in Educational Psychology in Human Relations. In my last three years of teaching I worked at the School Board in the Safe Schools Dept. I assisted the administrators in the schools with all issues around student safety. It was an interesting and rewarding job. Since retirement, I have taken small contracts with the Board and worked full time last year with International Services coordinating for students from all around the world who arrived here to study in our schools. Now I am focusing on my retirement! 🙂

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      Teaching at the university is really different from high school, middle school, and elementary school. You have a lot of academic freedom, but then if you are in the humanities, you really are not paid very well. My life is what I call “genteel poverty.” But I love college students because not so long ago I was one. I am glad you were able to have a career you enjoyed and seemed to be passionate about. This semester I am taking a break from teaching to enjoy my full time at home with my little runt and his siblings . I hope you really love your retirement and can do what you really love in your free time.

      I got my pendant frames from Etsy. If you really want to use these for jewelry making, let me know and I will send you a link; these jewelry components are not expensive. If you use paper, you can always use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Glue from Plaid to harden the paper. It’s really a neat process.

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      Thanks Amy. I really enjoy making jewelry. I used to do beading with my third child around it would take forever. These jewelry give you more of an instant gratification. I don’t really wear them; they are for other people.

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    Hanh, I love how you’ve found another way to incorporate your love of gingham and floral patterns into another hand-made decorative craft! Really creative and lovely!

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