She’s Persian…

…the rug, not the dog. Although, you never know, both came to me this past winter, each with a mysterious past life. While the weather was being brutally unkind, I happened upon two new loves.

For both I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted. They needed to have a bit of history. I didn’t want a new rug nor a new pup. They needed to capture my heart at first sight, have a bit of a story to tell and be stunning in every way. 

The rug was my Christmas gift. I learned strange words in my search of antique persian rugs like ‘Soumak” and realized that the ones that caught my attention the most had little details that made them attractive to me, like a centered medallion or some type of floral design. Otherwise, they all started to look the same but once I knew these things it was easy to pick out a few through a persian rug seller on eBay. I copied some links and sent an email to my hubby to let him pick and surprise me for Christmas. (much easier for both of us!)

Later on in the winter, a week before Valentine’s Day, I came upon our sweet Lila. This little shih tzu’s face popped up in the pet community of craigslist. Although she was 5 years old her dog groomer owner had only had her for a few months. Lila had to share a home with three other dogs and she was not a pack kinda girl. She needed her space. Her history before that though, like my rug, was a little sketchy and unknown. That’s okay though because I was not going to let her out of my sight. She has turned out to be the sweetest thing in the world. Calm, house-trained, no barking or trouble making of any kind.

(My son with Lila the day we got her.) 

Her greatest flaw? A magnetic ability to make you stop whatever you’re doing to give her a kiss. Folding laundry takes much longer now.

And so these two ladies, an ornate persian rug and a scruffy little pup, have joined my home and have made it much cozier than it ever was before. And while I wasn’t the first person in their lives, they’ve found a home with me for, what I hope, is many, many more years.

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    I love your story Caroline! Those faces! Once they’re in your head you can’t get them out. I saw my Grayson on pet finder. Convinced I wasn’t ready for another dog, I did nothing. A couple of days later I went to look for him and he was gone! Panic set in immediately! Then he popped up again. Needless to say I filled out the paperwork and the rest is history. He has found his forever home and we have a new little face to light up our days (that was two years ago already)! It’s simply the best!
    I can also relate with your rug story. When we remodeled our dining room/kitchen I needed a large area rug for under my table. I’ve never bought one before so I had no clue where to start. I stumbled upon the one I purchased and I love it! I smile whenever I look at it. 😉

  2. 3

    I love this story, too. The rug is a true beauty with that deep, rich color and the gorgeous pattern. And your Lila has stolen my heart through the screen — I can only imagine what it must be like in your shoes! Your story is a lovely one and it conveys that sometimes we don’t find things, people, or animals — sometimes they find us!

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  4. 5

    Forgot to tell you about my area rug…found it at an auction. It was laying out at the back of the room and we were nearing the end of the auction so I was wandering around. and there it was! Took it home and it still adorns my living room floor even after a major redecoration and colour changes. As they say, buy what you love and it will suit your style! 🙂

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