She Had Me at “Hello”

I’m only on page 11 right now, but I’ve already done what this Perfectionist normally cringes doing: writing on the pages of a book. It’s like she is in my brain! How did she know I’ve had a fascination with homes for as long as I can remember?  How did she figure out SO much joy has been skipped right over me because I just, until now, couldn’t find that contentment?

Here’s to what the rest of the afternoon holds. (As I grab a bright green neon highlighter. Watch out!)

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    I love that feeling of reading a book and feeling like the author has written it just for me. Enjoy the read!

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    I NEVER get through a book. I always skip through the pages, flip to the end and take a look, flip back and lose interest. Not this one! I’m reading it for a 2nd time!

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