I have a ritual four times a year that drives my husband crazy.  I go through the living room and change out the pillows, artwork, and accessories to fit the season.  Winter to spring, I lighten up; accessories in pastels pop-up on my coffee table, a plant here and there (real and fake), replace fur or heavy textured pillows with linen and silk.      

 Sometimes I move art around to match the mood. 

I quickly find myself shifting into summer mode.  Spring in Texas is fleeting.  In the summer, my fireplace features a twisted grapevine, fruits are displayed in bowls, and pastels are replaced with bolder colors.                      I                                                      

With fall, color goes a little darker and textures heavier; by December the house is in full holiday spirit.

These rituals take my humble abode from hum drum to festive and inviting.

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    I’m not sure my husband would even notice if I changed pillows – he hates them all equally. 🙂 I have been thinking of doing this now that my house is getting done in a way that makes it worth decorating. I just get bored with the same old things sitting around and think the seasonal change up would help keep things fresh.

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    Staying attuned to the seasons of life is part of making a true home. Our husbands just don’t know how good they’ve got it. 🙂

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    Yep! I am in the Change It Up Club too! It always makes me feel newly excited for the best of each season. One thing I always like about my visits to New England (from the East Coast of Canada) is that businesses and homes always seem to be celebrating events in their neighbourhoods and always up-to-date on the latest news of their community sports teams, etc. It seems to bond the whole community and it changes their neighbourhoods so it is always interesting and new with a real sense of comradery! I think acknowledging our surroundings and keeping in tune with the seasons is a special thing to do! Love your pictures Mindy!

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