Our Cozy Forever Home

This is my forever home. My father built this house and my husband and I bought it from my parents. It is here that we have settled and it is here that we have chosen to raise our five children. My home means so much to me. I spend a great deal of time at home so I try to make it as cozy as I can. With one income and five children doing things the way we have wanted to has not always been easy. But I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. 

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    I was a stay at home mom too! Loved every minute, (well, almost every minute). So happy for you to be so content with your “forever” home and the history that already exist in it. Because we also had only one income for most of our married life, we didn’t have lots of extras but what we did have was a house full of love, opportunity and comfort.

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    I understand that for some people, moving from home to home is a fact of life that they either cannot or don’t want to change.

    But I am lucky enough to live in a forever house too, and I totally understand how you feel. Cheers to deep roots and plenty of patience!

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