Opening up the Kitchen

The old kitchen was closed off and not well thought out.  When you opened the dishwasher, you could not get into the cabinets above or next to it for unloading.  Plus, the corner area was not accessible at all.  With the dropped ceiling and half wall, it felt a bit like a cave.

By moving the dishwasher to the other side of the sink, I was able to create a corner lazy susan and have access to all cabinets.  It meant I had to off-set my sink a bit so it is not directly under the window but by doing a single sink, it is less noticeable.  Also, by putting a power outlet strip under the cabinets, I didn’t have to break up the backsplash tile.

By dropping the half wall and extending the counter, the space feels more open to the living area and we created an eating bar as well.

Floor tile: Statements Vivaldi 6X24 Winter

Bellmont Madrid Walnut cabinets/Spectrum Çord Glass inserts

Blanco Stellar 28X18 Stainless Sink

Lennon Granite Counter

Dania Regal barstool

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    Isn’t it amazing how dropping down the opening so the counter flows smoothly out to the new breakfast bar COMPLETELY changes the sense of openness between the kitchen and living space? Brilliant design and beautiful kitchen.

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