Oh, Give Me A Home

A tiny home. A sweet home. A cottage with roots in my husband’s family. This is where I live; where I seek refuge. I fully recognize how blessed my husband & I are to live here. We are only minutes from where we grew-up.  And here we remain… gaining in years. This is love. This is click-your-heels and wish you were there GOOD! This is a place of family stories, laughter, pain, hope, goodness, triumphs, and loss. One could wish for nothing better!

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      Carol Bray !
      My words are heartfelt! I never want for luxury in things… just riches in life! My home is filled with memories, family possessions & everlasting stories… making for an abundant life, indeed!
      p.s. I sure do love your blog/site/home tours!! have followed for years…

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      excuse my previous comment reply to you! I had your blog name mistaken for another! However, my thoughts are still true, and I will be sure to go check your redpaintedcottage! Glad to be here with you at Home Love Stories!

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