New Old House

I just bought a house for the very first time. I have lived in the same apartment for 13.5 years. I loved it. I didn’t really care about owning a home, I did a lot of traveling instead. I am an art teacher and artist and found that slowly over the years I was outgrowing my apartment. I now have a house, just got all of the rooms painted, finally feeling organized, and finding I now need to make more art for my walls. I have not even had a chance to take pictures of anything yet. I am excited and my house already feels like home. There are many little things that need to be done / updated / taken care of. Still have sinks that won’t drain well. At least I have everything moved and can now take care of it one project at a time.

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      thank you! yes, it is. it is actually colored pencil. so happy to be able to finally hang it up. can’t wait to hang more up.

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    I love that piece of art! Congrats on your new home. If it makes you feel better, my sinks don’t drain well either. 🙂

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