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My small family and I moved into this home a few months ago and we are so excited to get started on renovations. We painted the inside and put in hardwood floors and a set of french doors to the patio. Our next project—in the coming months—will be the exterior paint colors including new windows, shutters, and window boxes. I need advice on paint colors. We are considering painting the brick too since it only goes halfway up. I love a cottage/farmhouse look and all things white and ocean colors in the inside. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thank you!

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    What a cute house! I think painting the brick would really change the sort of blah exterior to something special. Can’t wait to see what you do!

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    Well, I like cottage and vintage style decorating, so while or mint green/ sage green would be nice paint color choices or beige or cream or something off white, too. If you like the sea so anything light and airy is good. The shutters can be black for contrast, but they can be lighter for the cottage style fell you want. Good luck and have with renovation. Half the fun is the process of making a house in your home.

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    Hi Libbi! How exciting for you and your family! I, too, love an ocean vibe in my decorating. I have always enjoyed Cape Cod style so I immediately thought of a gray home with white trim. However, the picture you have has snow on the roof and i am not sure of the colour of your shingles. That will definitely impact the house colour. Also the chimneys I see must go as well if they cannot be painted. If the shingles are brown, I would tend toward a blue home or something in taupe or cream. Colour choice is such a personal thing, isn’t it? Where is your home located? I live in Nova Scotia which I believe also determines my colour choices. Wishing you lots of fun with your project and looking forward to seeing your journey. Cheers! 🙂

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    I was happy to suggest dark grey brick and sage for the top ……… but then re-read your post and you like seasidey colours for inside, so maybe you would want the outside to tone in with that? In which case, dark grey brick and the palest blue/grey at the top. Whatever your choice, remember that it’s only paint. If it really irks you, you can repaint – which is much cheaper than new siding, etc!

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    I really love the idea of sharing the reality of our homes, sharing ideas and having the online community. I d love to have the word dream in my home. It s freeing and we try to hold onto it in our family.

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    Hi! I love airy neutrals as well. I know sage/greens are popular for exteriors, but you could also do blue/gray with darker brick base.. or heather gray (which is still sort of airy and light) on top or bottom. Keep us posted 🙂

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    Hi Libbi. You have a wonderful home. Here are my suggestions; paint the brick, siding and garage door the same color. Neutral to act as a backdrop to all the other colors you will have throughout all the seasons such as Sculpting Clay (VR095C) by Valspar. It is a warm brown/gray that will not compete with roof tiles or chimney. Chevron patterned shutters in a darker tone such as Catch of the Day (VR095A) by Valspar. Paint trim on door/garage/windows bright white.. Window boxes fashioned from pallet wood will give you a rustic cottage vibe. Front door painted Float Your Boat (VR050C) by Valspar is a seaside green tone that will catch your attention. If the body of the house is a single color, it will appear taller and not cut in half. Evergreens, will show well all year long and bright colors in the flower boxes will showcase a happy home. Those are my suggestions. Happy shopping!

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