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I an new here to Home Love stories but am so excited to be here. Do you see the beautiful home above? In one month it will be our very first home and I canโ€™t be more excited. However, since it is 2,100 miles away it will be quite the adventure getting there especially with five kids. My husband accepted a new job opportunity so we are relocating far away. I am so thrilled that we will have our own home and can roll up our sleeves and get to work making it ours. We are purchasing it from a very nice older couple who are trying to retire in Florida. This was their second home and it does have a unique style right now including floral wallpaper and doll wallpaper borders. I have so many lovely ideas and just canโ€™t wait.

Does anyone have any experience with the best paint colors to go with oak? There are beautiful Amish made fireplaces and a stairwell banister that I want to leave as is. I am thinking perhaps a soft sage green for the entry with the banister. Do any of you know what undertones would be best to avoid?

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    Most oak wood has a yellow undertone. So maybe that helps with thinking about what colors. My house has oak trim and is painted taupe but this spring I am going to give it an update and paint it a soft cream/yellow to brighten the entire place up . it is a small ranch but has a lot of trim. I think it will be wonderful for you and your family to have such a beautiful house to make into your home. Good luck and enjoy!

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    Welcome Lauren! ๐Ÿ™‚ What an exciting and terrifying adventure all at once! I love your family’s spirit. I am not an expert on undertones but I think yellow is the most likely with oak. I will say that I am a big fan of soft sage green. I am sure you will find your way once you are settled and have lived in the house especially as lighting changes throughout the day.
    I can’t wait to see how your journey progresses! Love the style of home you’ve chosen. Where is it located?

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    Hi Lauren! Welcome to the neighborhood, so nice to meet you! Congratulations on your new home, what an exciting adventure for your family. I bet once you get settled you’ll start to visualize what paint colors would bring out the best in your woodwork. Maybe when you move in you can post some interior photos, it would be fun to see! Good luck with the move and keep us posted when you get there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Lauren, Maria Killam is a world-renowned color expert who knows all about undertones and best colors to use and Kelly Bernier has done a great post on the best colors to use with oak cabinets. Melody’s right in that most oak has yellow/orange undertones. Sage green and any shade of green with yellow undertones can look great. Haven’t been able to paint my oak kitchen cabinets white yet as I want but, in the meantime, I’m pleased with my yellow green accents. Google both and a lot of great stuff will come up. And, as Melissa invited, post some before and then some after pix and keep us posted. .

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    Hi Lauren,
    I had all oak cabinets in trim in my last house. I really liked darker colors with my oak. Some of my favorites were navy, chocolate, red and I had a dark khaki as a neutral. I also did a sage green in my laundry area…loved that too.
    The one colored I had to stay away from was orange. As the oak aged it took on an orange hue, so I never thought it looked right.
    Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful new home!

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