Never Let Go of Your Dream

I am a product of the late fifties.  I grew up surrounded by modern
  I have been obsessed with decorating since I
was a little girl.
  My room was my
  I would close the door, and
start moving furniture around, trying to find the right arrangement that was
aesthetically pleasing, yet functional.
I would then open my door for the big reveal.  My parents would walk in and smile, praise
me, and walk away I am sure shaking their heads.
  I finally got my big chance when I was 11; my
parents said I could pick out a paint color, and a new bedspread.
  Okay, remember this was 1968.  My walls were a bright grass green.  I choose a large flower print bedspread of
green, black and white.
plastic pillows were all the rage, so I choose a couple for accent
  This has been the extent of my
decorating life.
  I dreamed of going to
school to become an interior designer, but like most, life had other plans in
store for me.
  I have never let go of my
passion, just fulfilled the dream within the confines of my own home and small

I have furnished my home with a mixture of mid-century second hand
pieces, family hand-me-downs, and a few custom items.
  My personal taste leans more toward
mid-century/contemporary, but I have great respect for all styles.
  To see some of my recent projects go to

My wall of 50’s and 60’’s wall album art.

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    I am so glad to hear I have some “vintage” sisters (vintage in this case meaning style, not age). Please share any of your favorite picts on my page. I love to see how others decorate using vintage or mid-century modern accessories.

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      Yes, vintage her mean the style of decorating and not how old an item is. I don’t have anything that old at all. But I love roses, florals, country, cottage, and vintage. I have eclectic tastes, and I love your gallery wall!

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