My lovely new patio

When we removed the pond we had planned to lay a stone paved patio pretty much straight away. Then we were told that we would need to wait a long time for the soil to settle where the pond had been removed from. We we really disappointed as this meant that our plans for the garden would be put on hold until the patio could be layed. I was sitting in the conservatory with a cup of tea and had a brain wave….Why not make a gravel patio. That way we could just rake the gravel around as the soil un derneath settles. I had a good browse through some pictures of gravel patios on Pinterest and saw some really lovely ones. Tony and I have worked really hard these past few days but I am thrilled with the end result. Today I plan to give the table a throughly good scrub as it has been under a cover for months. As soon as it has dried I will give it several coats of teak oil and that will bring out the colour of the wood.

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    This turned out exactly as I imagined you’d make it! I was beyond excited to see your update on the website. Btw, ya’ll work quick!!! Tony was injured too, wasn’t he? Did you have to take out the whip to get this done? lol It’s ok.. I made my husband paint the exterior of my Florida home is the hottest heat of August… all while he had shingles. hahahaha I had no idea that’s what he had and he complained he had a cat scratch and wasn’t going to paint after 1 wall was done. We could not have that now; could we lol

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    Tony’s broken rib is mending and we both took it slowly as my back has startd to cause me trouble these past two years. We rested when we needed to but were so keen to see it finished. I spent yesterday planting a flower border next to the patio. We buried tulip bulbs quite deep in the centre of the border, then I put very fragrant lily bulbs over the top of them. I have planted summer bedding around the edges of the border and have a few more plants to go in today. In a few weeks time when it is in flower and looking its best I will post another photo. The square foot gardening is coming along a treat. The cucumbers and corn weren’t a success so I have planted extra salad leaves. The curly kale is looking very fit and bushy as are my coriander and parsley. The strawberries look very promising and the ffruit bushes in the black containers are looking really good. I think I will have a huge crop of blackcurrants this year.

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    Your outdoor space is simply heavenly……………what an inspiration you are………..every inch of the garden is perfect!!!!!

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